R K Mohapatra is an Indian author, known for his work on financial planning and retirement planning for individuals. R.K.Mohapatra launched his new book, ‘Retirement Planning-A simple guide for individuals’ on June 8, 2016 by presenting a copy of the book to Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Minister of State (Independent charge) Culture & Tourism and Civil Aviation.

The book explains with concise and concrete examples, which can helps an individual to understand about the pre-retirement stage (accumulation period), preservation stage and post-retirement stage (distribution period).

The book, “Retirement Planning- A Simple Guide For Individuals" is meant to enlighten readers especially the middle class on how to invest, instruments in which to invest, and where to get started. This book is under the category of non-friction business self-help, which is available through popular online website of Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues and Blue rose, publisher.

The author also explains with well-researched analysis and analytical calculation how to accumulated retirement corpus during the pre-retirement period and preserve the accumulated corpus during the preservation stage and get the desired post –retirement expenses during the distribution stage.

This book enables you take meaningful decision for your future retirement, whether you are at thirty or fifty. This book guides you to develop an attitude and aptitude for investment of your retirement and other financial goals. This book also enables you to grab the best opportunities in this volatile market rather than just investing in the conventional instruments. It also assists you on focusing goals one by one by utilizing the best possible alternative investment avenues in the market.

This book consists of 9 chapters along with illustrative examples which reflect in readers mind to map out a road map to handling their hard-earned money carefully through proper investment/ retirement planning.

R K Mohapatra recently won

The book described the market trend, risk-return of investment product, individual behavior as well as market behavior in different situations, impact of inflation, macro factors and socio-economic factors which affects the return of investments.


In this book, you will learn how to utilize your hard-earned money in your distress period in every stage of your life. You will understand the hidden, untapped power that you have and can also manage your hard-earned money in a better way without the help of a financial planner.